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“Stuffies” Draw Grades Together in Fabric Art Project

After the Kindergarten students drew imaginary creatures in Art class, the drawings were chosen by the 6th graders, who then redrew them, cut out felt in the shapes, and sewed them together during several weeks of art classes this fall. On Dec. 7, the 6th graders presented the kindergarteners with fabric “Stuffies” based on the drawings of imaginary creatures that the younger students had created.

See photo galleries of the 6th Graders at Work and them Presenting Stuffies to the Kindergarten. But this wasn’t the first time students made stuffies for younger friends. In 2019, the then 7th graders (today’s seniors) made and presented stuffies to the 1st graders, who are now the 6th graders who did the same project for the youngest Dragons. See a photo gallery of the 7th & 1st Graders in 2019 with their stuffies!

“I’m always looking for ways to connect the students across divisions, and this was a great fit,” says Art teacher Jennifer Davenport. “It was such a success that I think it is likely to become a tradition with the 6th graders and kindergarteners.”