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Saint George’s Magazine  —  Spring/Summer 2023
See the full magazine or individual articles at the links below:

PDF SG Mag – Full Issue

PDF SG Mag P1 – Cover

PDF SG Mag P2 – Contents

PDF SG Mag P3 – Head Lines
     < WIAA Scholastic Cup 2B Top Schools
     < WIAA Scholastic Cup SGS Team Scores

PDF SG Mag P4-9 – The Answers to 4 Questions
     < The 5th Question: Faculty Answers

PDF SG Mag P10-11 – Next Stop, Panama & Faculty Farewells

PDF SG Mag P12-13 – The Class of 2023
     < Photo Gallery: Graduation 2023
     < Ian Townley’s Address to the Class of 2023
     < Profile of Lilly Glennie ’23 in Spokesman-Review

PDF SG Mag P14-15 – Dragon Athletics
     < Photo Gallery: Tennis at State
     < Photo Gallery: Golf at State

PDF SG Mag P16-17 – Historic Success
     < Photo Gallery: Girls Track at State
     < Photo Gallery: Boys Track at State

PDF SG Mag P18-19 – Alumni Profile: It’s Rocket Science

PDF SG Mag P20-22 – Alumni Profile: FIRE – Holding the Line

PDF SG Mag P23 – Alumni News
     < RSVP for Mini-Golf Event on Aug. 4
     < Learn more about Golf Classic in May 2024
     < Obituary for Erik Farias ’19
     < Obituary for Anthony Longinotti ’01

PDF SG Mag P24 – Setting the Stage
     < Photos of Music, Arts & Drama

Archived Issues

PDF SG Magazine Fall/Winter 2022-23

PDF SG Magazine Spring/Summer 2022

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