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We are thrilled that you’re applying to Saint George’s School for your student! Thank you for including us in your search to find the perfect educational fit for your family.

We have tried to make the application process as straight forward as possible, but if you have any additional questions or need more information, please reach out to Tami Peplinski at 509-464-8744 or

You are now ready to apply!

Tell us about your student. We encourage applications from students of all races, national and ethnic origins, religions, and physical abilities whose learning and promise would be well-served by the challenge of our curriculum and the character of our community. Applications are accepted year round, with those completed prior to April 1 receiving first priority.

Once your online application is complete, we will schedule a student visit and assessment day for your child to come spend the day at SGS and experience firsthand how Saint George’s is inspiring scholars, athletes and artists to serve and lead others.

Once you have submitted the application, please allow 24 business hours for our Admissions department to process it. Once your form has been processed you will see a checklist of items appear in your SchoolAdmin account. These items need to be completed prior to scheduling the students visit and assessment day. Below is an outline of these items:

Complete the Online Application Form

Saint George’s uses SchoolAdmin for our online application process. You will need to set up an account with SchoolAdmin to start the application by clicking the button above.

Pay the $75 Application Fee

A $75 application fee applies for all domestic students and a $100 fee applies for all International students. You will be prompted to pay the fee when you are ready to submit the application form in SchoolAdmin.

Upload Student’s Progress/Grade Report(s)

All applications must include a copy of the applicant’s most recent progress/grade report. Upload this under “Current Year Grades / Transcript” in your SchoolAdmin account.

Applicants first through twelfth grade must also include a copy of end-of-year progress report from the prior school year. Upload this under “Previous Year Grades / Transcript” in your SchoolAdmin account

Submit Standardized Test Results

If the student has taken any type of standardized test, such as SAT, PSAT, MAP, SBA, WaKids, TOEFL, etc, please upload this under “Standardized Test Scores” in your SchoolAdmin account. If your student has not taken any type of standardized test you may skip this step.

Schedule a Visitation Day

Once all other steps have been competed in SchoolAdmin, please call or email the Admissions Office to schedule a visitation day. Students applying from out of the area or internationally may complete this step with a virtual meeting.(509) 464-8744 |

Complete the Academic References Request

You will type the contact information for the teacher(s) you are wanting to request a recommendation(s) from on your application form in SchoolAdmin. Once your online application has been processed you will need to log back into your account to generate the electronic request for the recommendation(s). Click on “request” under the “Teacher Recommendation” section of your online checklist. Enter the teacher’s name and email address when prompted and then click request. The electronic form will be sent directly to the teacher, and once they have it completed it will automatically come back to the SchoolAdmin system. You will receive an email notification once the teacher has submitted the form. You are in control of when you generate the request. The system will not automatically notify anyone until you are ready to do so.


– Only one recommendation is necessary for kindergarten and 1st grade applicants (from their current teacher)
– Two recommendations are required for 2nd – 6th grade applicants (one from their teacher from the prior school year and one from their current teacher)
– Two recommendations are required for 7th – 12th grade applicants (one recommendation from their Math teacher and one recommendation from either their History or English teacher)

Applicant Photo

Upload a current picture of your student in SchoolAdmin

Complete Immunization Records & SGS Emergency Card

Upload a copy of your child’s immunization record in School Admin.
*Please note: once a student has been accepted, a copy of their Medically Verified Immunization Record must be on file prior to the students first day of class