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Affording SGS

Keeping a great education affordable. Saint George’s families value education and are committed to making quality education a priority. They understand that competitive colleges increasingly demand strong writing and mathematical skills of incoming freshmen. These colleges also want students who are critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and well-rounded individuals – in other words, the kind of students who attend Saint George’s.

The school in turn understands the need to keep a great education affordable. We are fortunate to have teachers, administrators, parents, and trustees who are committed to supporting quality programs for an economically diverse student community.

Family Individualized Tuition (FIT)

We are excited that you are considering Saint George’s School (SGS) for your family!  Finding the best school that is the right fit for your child is critical to their success.  We understand that each child’s needs are individualized, just as each family’s household needs are unique, so tuition should be personalized based upon each family situation too.

2023-24 Tuition

Lower School: Kindergarten

Lower School: First - Fifth Grades

Middle School: Sixth - Eighth Grades

Upper School: Ninth - Twelfth Grades

International Students






2023-24 Bus Fees

Full-Time Rider/Athletic/Activity Bus

Half-Time Rider/Athletic/Activity Bus

Athletic/Activity Bus





In the spirit of Saint George’s commitment to building community and removing barriers, we are implementing an innovative new tuition model called Family Individualized Tuition (FIT). FIT is designed to increase access to a high quality SGS education for academically qualified students who can strengthen our community and advance the mission of SGS: Inspiring scholars, athletes, and artists to serve and lead others. Click here to learn more.