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Technology is no longer a subject or class, but an integrated part of everyday life, and our approach at Saint George’s reflects this reality. Computing devices are leveraged in every grade, and students learn to balance digital and physical activities in a healthy way at any age. Whether practicing math skills on an iPad in Kindergarten or analyzing data from their physics lab as a senior, the language of technology is spoken everywhere at Saint George’s. This fluency empowers students and opens doors to any path they take after crossing the Graduation Bridge.

In the primary grades (K-2) with our littlest Dragons, iPads are used for engaging practice of the skills taught in the classroom, as well as some of the first projects students will dive into. Once they reach third grade, students are assigned one device per student through our one-to-one device program, and the integrative use of these 2-in-1 laptops is deepened as they reach the middle school and build proficiency with them. Laptops are taken home to complete digital assignments as early as fourth grade, all while regular digital citizenship classes aid students in balancing their screen time and encouraging safe internet practices.

When your student matriculates to the Upper School, they join our “Bring Your Own Device” program, giving students and parents the choice to find the right device for the honing and broadening of their interests. Technology support staff are here to aid students and parents for this big step, as well as every other step on their journey.

You’ll find technology in most every corner of our facilities, from the Makerspace where students learn to use the 3D printer and laser cutter, to our libraries, which hold many more resources, both digital and print, for your child to explore.

Saint George’s two libraries hold plenty of books, but some of the best resources are not as visible. Connections to Proquest, eLibrary, and SIRS research databases link your child to thousands of online scholarly journals and newspapers. Your child will be able to follow world events from an international perspective with the Columbia International Affairs Online journal and the Associated Press Photo and News Archives.

Your child will incorporate all of these library resources into learning activities.

K-2 students use iPads to practice lessons and take nature photos around campus.
Fifth graders research the lives of famous artists in the Lower School Library, culminating in a biographical scrapbook presented during their Living Artists show.
The Makerspace in the Middle School engages students in 3-D printing and laser cutting vinyl for a variety of creative projects.
Upper School students investigate colleges and scholarship opportunities, as well as IB Extended Essay topics.
The bright, comfortable Middle/Upper School Library hosts classes and student-run clubs nearly every day of the week.