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Life as a Dragon

Much of what students learn at Saint George’s, and what makes our school unique, happens outside the classroom. This is through our strong traditions, clubs and organizations, social activities put on by student government, community service projects, outdoor activities, and more.

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Community Service

Reaching out to others is an essential part of a Saint George’s education. It begins in the Lower School, where our students learn sensitivity to others by reading to preschoolers or as stewards of the Little Spokane River. Middle School students spend three days a year as a class working on service activities across Spokane. By the time students enter the Upper School, community service is a regular part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum and a formal requirement for graduation.

These hands-on efforts give students the experiences they need to appreciate our increasingly diverse world and make an impact both locally and globally. Inspiring students to a lifelong commitment to service prepares them to show the understanding and compassion that will mark them both as graduates of Saint George’s and as future leaders.

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Advisory Program

Our committed and specialized teachers guide and care about their students. Every Middle and Upper School student at Saint George’s has an advocate, mentor, and guide– their advisor. Beginning in sixth grade, students are paired with a faculty advisor who monitors their academic and social progress through weekly groups and individual sessions. It’s our way of helping students gradually assume responsibility for their own learning and develop the independence that leads to social maturity.

The advisory system continues in Upper School. The purpose of Advisory in the Upper School is to build relationships within the SGS community, particularly between our students, parents, and faculty. The core of Advisory focuses on belonging, relationships, and connections. Advisory meets for 30 minutes, once a week and is a purposeful balance of small group bonding time and grade-level programming that promotes Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). The SGS Advisor supports their advisees over the four years of their time in the US and acts as an advocate through a compassionate, caring, and responsive relationship.

In both Middle and Upper Schools, advisors can become close to their advisees and parents. Some keep in touch long after graduation, putting an exclamation point on the relationships created at Saint George’s.

Teachers accept kids where they are academically, socially, and emotionally. They get the best out of the kids and the kids get to be the best they can be. The teachers really work to help kids succeed.

Donna Halvorson, Parent of Alumni