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Academic Overview

The teachers and faculty at Saint George’s School believe in preparing children to succeed in our global world through our high quality, independent, highly-tailored private education. Through a wide array of interdisciplinary courses, unique off-campus trips and opportunities, and community-led clubs and activities, we are able to provide a rounded and valuable college preparatory curriculum that stimulates the mind and nurtures the heart. Our belief in a comprehensive private K-12 curriculum complete with rigorous academic training, creative performing arts, and competitive athletics, fosters growth and development in each of our Dragons. We believe that parents, who recognize the importance of higher education and are concerned with college costs, don’t want to send their children off ill-prepared for the rigors of academic life. Saint George’s is here to ensure that your child is prepared for success in our classrooms and beyond.

As a result, students in our elementary, intermediate, and secondary schools are challenged and motivated daily to refine their analytical and creative skills, and question and defend their ideas. Not only this, but we help students accept responsibility for their actions, and develop their self-confidence through activities inside and outside of the classroom. Our Dragons learn independence of thought, well-rounded analytical skills, and learn how to effectively write, think, communicate, and make informed decisions. The philosophy that guides teaching at Saint George’s School prepares students for life beyond college and equips all Dragons, past and present, to navigate our constantly changing and challenging world. Our dedicated faculty is here to bring out the best in every student they teach, including your child.

World Languages

All students, K-12, study a second language. Spanish is taught K-5, and students from grades 6 to 12 are able to choose from Spanish or Mandarin Chinese to continue their study of language.


Saint George’s accelerated math program is recognized as the gold standard of the region - so much so that in our Math is Cool program, we choose to compete in Division 1, against schools many times our size.

Social Studies

Our program regularly shines in national history and economics competitions, and seeks to inform and educate our students about the vast world around us, its people, and their histories.


Our English program focuses on developing rhetorical, persuasive, and mechanical skills through regular in-class writing, papers, and revisions. Equipping our students with proficiency in language allows them to enter higher education and beyond with a firm and fluent grasp of language, rhetoric, and how to communicate their ideas with others.


Our science program, focusing on hands-on inquiry at all levels, lays the groundwork for successful theoretical lab-based pursuits in college science. Not only does this prepare students with a clear understanding of mechanical science, but it inspires students to think critically about the world around them.


Our wonderful art programs equip our students with a creative eye and the experience of sharing their artistic voice. Art students at our school win honors for their creativity and skill in regional competitions, as well as gain entry into prestigious art programs around the country and go on to do great things in the world of art, performance, and music.

Saint George’s is…


We set our own curriculum based on our mission


We are not directed by any government or religion


We welcome students from all backgrounds

College Prep

We prepare all students to succeed in college


We educate boys and girls in grades K-12

IB Diploma Certified

We offer the most prestigious degree available in the world

Explore Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive Lower School curriculum is tailor-made to provide the best preparatory elementary education possible to your child. At such a pivotal point of growth and development, our specialized teachers will provide your Dragon with the tools necessary to develop great habits. They will help your child foster their inner creativity, and excel inside and outside of the classroom through our all-day Lower School programs.

Our Middle School program encourages students to build upon the foundational skills learned in our Lower School to grow as scholars, athletes, and artists. Our faculty provide a smooth transition from Lower to Middle School and ensure the success of your Dragon. As the best private Middle School education available in Spokane, we prepare our middle schoolers for Upper School and beyond.

Our Upper School seeks to offer the best college preparatory program in Spokane, providing a personalized education that best sets up your Dragon to succeed in top colleges around the country. With engaging clubs, May Term classes, and interdisciplinary courses, each student can expect to be provided with a program that is suited to their needs. At Saint George’s, your student will learn the key skills for success in college and their careers.

International Baccalaureate World School

As the region’s only International Baccalaureate Diploma school, Saint George’s curriculum is recognized for the way it prepares our students for college and life beyond. Our students not only earn admittance to the top schools in the nation, but also transition to college with ease. Our college counseling team is dedicated to helping each student and family to find a college that is a perfect fit for each individual. As a result of their preparation and strategic college counseling, our students garner exceptional offers of free merit aid. Over the past decade, our students have averaged well over $100,000 each in scholarships and grants.