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Saint George’s School

We are…


We set our own curriculum based on our mission


We welcome students from all backgrounds


We are not directed by any government or religion

College Prep

We prepare all students to succeed in college


We educate boys and girls in grades K-12

IB Diploma Certified

We offer the most prestigious degree available in the world

Welcome to Saint George’s

   A letter from Jamie Tender, Head of School

Photo of Jamie Tender, Head of School

Dear Friends,

In 1955, a group of visionary parents joined forces to create a new educational option in Spokane. The founders sought a place that would prepare students for life and to succeed at the best colleges and universities around the world. Sixty-five years later, Saint George’s School continues to fulfill their initial vision. We fill a unique niche in the region as the only K-12 independent school, making a positive difference in the lives of young people.

Mission Statement

Inspiring scholars, athletes, and artists to serve and lead others.

Our Values


We foster a climate of honesty, integrity, and trust that applies to our work and all of our daily interactions.


We respect one another, our school, the Spokane community, our country, our environment, and ourselves - we value each other's differences, recognizing the contributions diverse perspectives bring to our community.

Generosity of Spirit

Dragons embrace a culture of goodwill, demonstrating empathy, kindness, and a profound awareness of the influence our actions and words have on others, while exemplifying forgiveness, forbearance, and patience.

Best Efforts

We strive to do our best — in the classroom, in teams, and in all our endeavors — while valuing both competition and collaboration.

Inclusion Statement

Saint George’s School is dedicated to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that supports the success of all community members, while celebrating the richness that diverse perspectives bring to the human experience. As members of the SGS community, we realize that creating and maintaining such an environment will not happen by chance but must be the result of institutional and individual resolve as well as intentional decision-making at all levels. Consistent with our school philosophy, SGS must value diversity and personal well-being while protecting and promoting freedom of thought, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression.  Members of the SGS community further recognize that this is an ongoing process and requires our sustained Best Efforts.

The Heart of Saint George’s is its Teachers

SGS Faculty

Our teachers are excited about what they teach and share that enthusiasm with your child. They bring their life experiences into the classroom, like the Arts teachers who are all practicing professionals in their fields. They set high expectations for your student, and then inspire them to meet those goals. And as our graduates will attest, Saint George’s teachers make a lasting difference in their lives.

Each year a special professional development award, funded by the family of a well loved, former teacher, gives one or more Saint George’s teachers a chance to travel anywhere in the world so they can bring that experience back to enrich their classroom.

Teachers have retraced Lewis and Clark’s journey from St. Louis to the Pacific, tramped across Civil War battlefields, explored Amazon rainforests, and taken in Broadway and Carnegie Hall performances.

It’s their experience and dedication to teaching – and the support of the entire Saint George’s community – that helps them bring out the best in every student they teach.

Our School by the Numbers

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