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Lunar New Year Celebrated Across Campus

The Lunar New Year officially began on Sunday, January 22, but Saint George’s classes found ways to celebrate the “Year of the Rabbit” before and after that date.

The 6th graders joined the 1st graders at Lower School Assembly on Jan. 20 to sing “Xiao Bai Tu” (Little White Rabbit) to start the Year of the Rabbit. Then the 7th graders sang “Xin Nian Hao” (Happy New Year) and counted from 1 to 10 in Chinese characters. (See a video of the Lower School Assembly Performances.)

Then at the Upper School Assembly on Jan. 23, 9th grader Jordan sang “Yi Jie Mei” about winter flowers and the pursuit of love, and the 9th and 10th grade Chinese class sang “Wonderful New Year.”

At the Middle School Assembly that same morning, the 8th grade Chinese class performed a Chinese Number martial arts routine (see Photo Gallery) and sang a song called “Peng You” (Friend).

Finally, see a Photo Gallery of the Upper School celebrating the Lunar New Year with songs from the Chinese class and Chinese food at lunch, as well as traditional red envelopes with a gift inside for good luck!