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IB Highlights: Theory of Knowledge

Instead of mastering new content and skills, students in Theory of Knowledge class (TOK) continuously reflect on how they know what they know, or why they think what they think. They do this through the lenses of different themes (knowledge & technology, politics, language, religion, and indigenous societies) and areas of knowledge (mathematics, the arts, history, natural sciences, and human/social sciences). Here’s an example that Max Rickard included in his TOK exhibit last year:

“The ideas that my exhibit illustrations represent all connect to popularized technological or social innovation throughout the years that, depending on how you are taught about them, can lead you to different understandings. One example from just last year is the initial reaction regarding the emblem of the new U.S. Space Force, released on Jan. 24, 2021. It’s eerie similarities to the Star Trek logo gave off the sense to the average citizen and to the media of a comical or joking undertone. This shows that the presentation of new ideas can hinder their acceptance if portrayed in the wrong manner.”

IB Question of the Week: How can we see what students around the world are doing in IB Art?
The IB community is sharing artwork via its online network. The IB says:
“Our IB community is continuing to share artwork online via #IBart. You can now view their creative work via our IB network to celebrate and support them online. As we continue to see the use of the hashtag to showcase and share the creativity amongst the members of our IB community, the IB has decided to launch a dedicated page using #IBart to further circulate all of the artwork being produced. By adding a location to your post on Twitter or Instagram, it will enable us to create a map of all the work taking place around the world, keeping our IB community well connected.

We would like to make our students aware that using #IBart to showcase artwork will not impact or influence the grading of the artwork itself. Instead, it can be used to inspire and grow our IB community by raising awareness of creativity digitally and globally. If you would like to explore the artwork currently being circulated, please visit our dedicated exhibition page.”

CAS Experience Highlights: CAS experiences for all of our Upper School students (in the US and in China) include skiing for the first time, doing yoga, practicing meditation, practicing basketball, programming, cooking, playing soccer, and taking photos.