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IB Highlights: Extended Essay Reflection

The juniors working on their Extended Essays (EE) are setting up a time to have their first formal meeting with their supervisor. This meeting is a 20-minute discussion about the research question, methodology, and any difficulties they might be having.

The students will then write a reflection about the meeting in ManageBac where they outline:
• Their ideas regarding the topic in general;
• The research question they have in mind;
• Initial background reading or research they may have conducted;
• Possible approaches;
• Initial thoughts about the answer to their research question.

This is the first of three reflections throughout the process of writing their EE. The initial reflection should be about 100 words and can answer any number of the following Guiding Questions:

What exactly do I want to find out?
What possible question(s) might I research?
Do I have sufficient knowledge of the subject area to fulfill the criteria of an EE?
Is there sufficient focus to my research area?
What am I interested in researching and why?
What are my motivations for undertaking research in this area?
How will I begin the research process?
What problems do I anticipate in my research?
What resources do I plan to use?
Have I found any sources with conflicting viewpoints?
Have I been able to find relevant sources from different eras?
What challenges did I encounter in finding relevant sources?
How do I think I might use my sources?
What possible answers might there be to my research question?

CAS Experience Highlights: CAS experiences for all of our Upper School students include writing a scholarship essay, participating in track and field, planning a workout, playing tennis, helping correct Spanish tests, bringing jelly sandwiches, playing basketball, painting pottery, creating posters for Joya Penny Drive, creating a March Madness bracket, learning guitar, a knitting project, helping out with the SGS yearbook, setting up the climbing gym, helping with scouting reports, helping with a smash tournament, donating blood, helping a friend whose leg is injured, moving logs at school, and making art.