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Chamber Choir Wins Spokane Solo & Ensemble Gold

Congratulations to the SGS Chamber Choir, who won the Mixed Vocal (Large) division at the Spokane Regional Solo & Ensemble Competition on Feb. 3. They qualified for State Solo & Ensemble, which will be the end of April. Kudos to Chamber Choir members Esther Buckner, Sheba Chen, Kaylee Clark, Reagan Heller, Oliver Ling, Max Romoff, and Evie Thorp!

Other Dragons also scored high as soloists at regionals:
Piano – Solomon Chen (Superior)
Piano – Oliver Ling (1st Alternate to State)
Soprano – Sheba Chen (2nd Alternate to State)
Alto – Reagan Heller (2nd Alternate to State)
Tenor – Max Romoff (2nd Alternate to State)

For a taste of their talents, listen to performances from the recent All-School Talent Show by Solomon Chen, Oliver Ling, Max Romoff, and the Five Chamber Choir Girls. Go Dragons!