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Weekly Parent Surveys to Begin Feb. 1

For the last several years, Saint George’s normal planning has been sidetracked by the pandemic and this resulted in prioritizing issues around the health crisis. This focus has allowed us to overcome many difficulties, and we appreciate the feedback and suggestions we have received from our families as we work together during this time.

The school is now in a position to delve deeper and expand opportunities for additional feedback. Over the next month, we will send out a weekly snapshot survey to gather feedback from our families. Each survey is designed to take only 1-3 minutes, unless you add more in the comment box. Each week, in addition to the new survey questions, we will share the results of the previous week’s survey. Please help us as we continue to plan thoughtfully and strategically for the future of Saint George’s School. The first snapshot survey will be emailed tomorrow, February 1, 2022.


Jamie Tender
Head of School