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Upper School’s Spirit Week Full of Action!

The Upper School’s Spirit Week from Sept. 19-24 was full of spirited competitions and fun costumes! Monday featured a “big” Paper Airplane Contest between the faculty and the four classes.

On Tuesday, student and faculty participants Staged a Relay Race to move a lifesaver candy down the hallway using only toothpicks!

Wednesday the students came Dressed as Twins, while the faculty all came dressed as Coach Mark Rickard, the advisor and emcee for Spirit Week activities. The competition that day was “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” where each class and the faculty roll someone out to gobble up as many colored balls as they can from the center of the Upper School courtyard. See video of the juniors winning the title of ultimate Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

Thursday’s competition was Human Foosball played in the Upper School courtyard with rubber balls flying everywhere! Also see a gallery of the students and staff wearing Jerseys of Their Favorite Teams.

Friday of Upper School Spirit Week featured a trivia game with Plenty of “BBQ Dads” wearing their tacky tropical shirts and a variety of cooking aprons!