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Upper School Celebrates Winter Spirit Week

As the Dragon basketball teams played in the District Tournament, the rest of the Upper School showed their spirit with a week of competitions and costumes.
Monday: To open Spirit Week in the Upper School, each of the classes gave a hairstyle makeover to one of their members. See a Photo Gallery and a YouTube Video of the wild results.
Tuesday: Upper School Spirit Week featured a fast-paced game of The Price Is Right. See a Photo Gallery of “tacky tourists” from each class trying to guess the price of big ticket items (with a little help from their classmates).
Wednesday: Spirit Week wouldn’t be complete without a wild Human Foosball tournament between the classes in the Upper School Courtyard. See a Photo Gallery and YouTube Video — watch out for flying balls and cheering students! It was also “White Lie Wednesday” — see a Photo Gallery of students wearing white shirts with a not-quite accurate statement written on them.
Thursday: Dressed in their favorite “Throwback Thursday” outfits, see a Photo Gallery of the Upper School classes answering trivia questions about Valentines, the Super Bowl, and other February traditions.
Friday: The final lunchtime challenge of Spirit Week was a Minute-to-Win-It competition. See a Photo Gallery and YouTube Video of students carrying oranges between their legs and batting a wad of paper into a bucket. Go Dragons!