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Tuition and Fees Due the 15th of Each Month

Tuition and fees for SGS are due on the fifteenth of each month and are paid through Blackbaud Tuition Management (BBTM) at The school relies on timely payment of tuition and fees to meet its budgetary obligations such as payroll.

Past due balances will be charged $40 by Blackbaud Tuition Management if a bill has not been paid by the due date plus a fourteen-day grace period. Parents or responsible parties will receive an email and text message letting them know that a late fee has been applied to their account due to their past due balance.

Questions regarding use of BBTM can be directed to their Parent Contact Center at (888) 868-8828. If the BBTM service center does not answer your questions, you can also contact the school’s accountant, Gayle Brown, at If an extraordinary circumstance occurs where payment cannot be made, please contact Stuart Mermel at