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Tsutakawa Sculpture Wins ART Madness Championship

The Lower School’s Public Art Madness bracket challenge between local public murals vs public sculptures came down to Justin Gibbens & Will Bow’s mural of Pacific NW Legends vs George Tsutakawa’s Aluminum Fountain in Riverfront Park. The vote was very close (48 – 50), and students worked hard the last week to persuade classmates to change their votes! (See photo galleries of all the Murals and Sculptures and of the Bracket Winners in each round.)

“The students who voted for Justin and Will’s mural loved that it was about cryptids,” says LS art teacher Jennifer Davenport. “They like talking about creatures like Big Foot and the Jackalope. The students who voted for the fountain chose it because they like that you can play in it in the summer, and they think it is interesting to look at.”

The winner, by just 2 votes, was George Tsutakawa’s fountain. “In the end,” says Jennifer, “we all agreed that WE are the real winners to live in a city with so many interesting works of public art!”