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Sign Up to Donate Blood on March 15th

Saint George’s offers a wonderful opportunity with Vitalant Blood Donations to donate your blood and benefit members of your community through this generous gift. There is an upcoming event on Wednesday, March 15th to donate in Metter’s Gym from 9am to 2pm. SGS is eligible for a grant if this blood drive produces 30 successful donations, and we have 30 successful donations during our fall 2023 blood drive as well.

To donate, Sign Up Here. And you can Check Here to see if you or your child is eligible to donate.

Just one blood donation can save up to three lives. We encourage all parents to donate, and students that are 16+ with parental consent can also donate. Last year the school earned a grant that will pay for wi-fi on Graduation Lawn and the Soccer Field so classes can work outside. Hopefully, in March we will get more than enough donations for an additional grant to further benefit our community. Thank you!