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SGS Students Give Shout Out to Sydney Sweeney for SNL Appearance

The Saint George’s School cast and crew of The Wizard of Oz gave a big shoutout to former SGS student, Sydney Sweeney, in preparation for her March 2nd Saturday Night Live debut. And Sydney responded!

“I’m crying!!” she posted within a few minutes of the Reel’s appearance. “This is the most beautiful, thoughtful, heart warming message ❤ Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. And best of luck to all of you and your show! Will be sending lots of love and support your way :)”

See the brief Shout-Out Video and scroll down for Sydney’s response on Instagram. The video and her response got plenty of notice, including over 20,000 views and 750 interactions on Instagram in the first four days after it was posted. It also appeared on the SGS Dragons Facebook page and was picked up by the KREM TV News Website. Go Sydney!