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SGS Launches New Website

Saint George’s website has a new look and a variety of new features. It’s still at, but the home page now opens with video clips showing the campus and student activities. Scroll down the home page and see sections with:

  • photos, text, & links to Athletics, Student Life, Academics, The IB, and Arts;
  • links to information about the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools;
  • links to recent social media feeds for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn;
  • recent news articles and a link to all school news.

The new website is designed to give prospective parents and students a more engaging view of the school and more easily connect to the Admissions Office. Each inside page has recent photos, current facts, and helpful links.

Current SGS parents will still find a link to the Parent Portal at the bottom of each page, and the password is still the same as before. Parent Portal icons link to:

  • Pay Tuition & Fees, Documents & Bulletins, PowerSchool, and PowerSchool Learning;
  • Stories under Community News, Academic News, Athletic News, and Arts News;
  • News articles about the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.

We will be updating parts of the new website over the coming days and adding more content. If you see something that doesn’t do what you think it should, please send an email to Thanks!