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SGS Hosts FIRST Lego League Eastern Wash. Championships

On Saturday, Feb. 4th, Saint George’s hosted the FIRST Lego League Eastern Washington State Championship on campus. Twenty-two teams from around Eastern Washington were on campus to compete for the co-title of State Champ (the western half of Washington held their own state competition). The energy and excitement on campus was palpable as the teams prepared their presentations, practiced their robot games, and connected with each other. See a Photo Gallery of the event.

This year’s SGS team 40707 “The Golden Dragons” were the first SGS FLL team to make it to State. While they did not reach the finals, they did improve their prior game score of 185 at Regionals to 200. Way to go Aspen Bledsoe, Noah Hochheimer, Caden Kee, Natalia McPeak, Noah Naccarato, Isabella Sohn, & Mysun Ward! And a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers, without which this event wouldn’t have been possible.