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Senior Photos for Yearbook Due Oct. 23

The deadline for photos for each senior’s full page in the SGS 2023 Yearbook is Monday, October 23. Please send the following to by then:

  • A nice senior photo is due for each senior to This digital image should be sized to 8″ wide by 10″ tall (2400 x 3000 pixels) to print.
  • A baby or child photo for your senior. You can email a digital image or mail a print and we will scan, crop and/or resize it to fit.
  • Up to three additional images of their senior showing activities and events that are important to you and your senior, whether at SGS or elsewhere.

In addition to these photos, each senior needs to fill out a form with their favorite quotes and one favorite memory of their time at SGS, which will also appear on their senior page. The seniors received an email from Matt Melka today (Oct. 16) with a link to the form. Their quotes and memory are also due Oct. 23.