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See Esports Teams in Practice Mode

The SGS Esports teams for Super Smash and Valorant held practice sessions on Oct. 13. See a Photo Gallery of them going over tactics and practicing group communication during a match.

The practice came one day after both teams scored online league victories against HS teams in the Southwest. Super Smash players Gibson and Gabe won 4–0 over Beta Smash American Leadership Academy from Mesa, AZ. “Gibson played Jiggly Puff against a Falco who knew how to account for the even character match-up,” says coach Ross Miller. “Gibson told me how he had to continually change strategies to adapt to his opponent. Gabe took a strong win against a player because his opponent chose game characters Gabe has been practicing against at local semi-pro tournaments: DK and Joker.”

The SGS Valorant team of Travis, Andre, Pierce, Jaden, and Preston won 13–11 over Bonsall High School Legionnaires of San Diego County. “The team has really grown in taking responsibility for positive communication, sportsmanship during tough rounds, and encouraging younger teammates with actionable advice in the early rounds so they can change their effectiveness mid-game,” says Ross. This week the team went back and forth with their opponents until the last two rounds. “It was pretty close at the end, but the team was able to avoid overtime with timely plays by Travis and Andre.”