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See 8th Grade’s Teambuilding Day Above Campus

The 8th graders divided into five teams to tackle a series of challenges in the woods above the campus on April 28. See photo galleries of each of the Teambuilding Day challenges!

The “Shapes” required clear communication to make different shapes with a rope while blindfolded. The “Balance Traverse” took planning to get everyone across the wooden posts. The “Tyrolean Traverse” took strength and teamwork to get teammates hooked up and across a ravine using ropes. The “Web” required cooperation to get everyone through a different part of the web without touching anything. And the “Rappel” challenge at the Dragon Crag took courage and encouragement for everyone to rappel safely down the 40-foot cliff and then find their way back to campus! (See a short YouTube Video of Jaeger Young rappelling down the Dragon Crag that day.)

Teambuilding Day finished with the students pitching tents on Graduation Lawn to sleep in overnight in preparation for their week-long Coast Trip to the Olympic Peninsula on May 8-12. It was a full day of working together to complete some challenging tasks!