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Secondary School Drive Supports SCRAPS Animal Shelter

Seniors Skyler Peplinski, Tanner Watkins, and Juliane Bekhazi are running a drive through the end of January to support the local SCRAPS Animal Shelter. Donated items can be left in the SCRAPS bins in the Middle and Upper School courtyards. Here’s what our local animal shelter needs:

Clay litter
Wet cat food
Dry food for kittens and puppies
Dry food for adult dogs and cats
Kitten replacement formula
Cat and dog toys (plastic only)
Large size kongs
45-gallon garbage bags
Cat and dog treats (no rawhide)
Laundry soap
Paper towels
Mops/mop heads
Brooms and dust pans
Cat and dog beds
Pet dishes
Gently used cat scratching posts
Gently used dog and cat crates and carriers