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SAT & ACT Prep Course Starts Feb. 22

Starting later this month on Tuesday, February 22, Math teacher Jack Wren is offering a SAT & ACT Prep Course to help juniors prepare for the math sections of the SAT and ACT tests. Students will learn the style of questions that the SAT and ACT employ, making it easier to process questions on test day. Along with test-taking strategies, students also will be able to see the differing difficulty levels of questions and how to quickly answer the easier questions and breakdown and solve more difficult questions.

The 8-week course runs from Feb. 22 through April 28 with a week off at Spring Break. The class is Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm for about an hour in the Dragon Room. To sign up, go to the Academic Enrichment Form to register and pay for the $300 course. Deadline for registration is Feb. 24. Contact with any questions.