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Robotics Team Reaches Finals at Yakima FRC Tournament

On March 14, Saint George’s FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 1595 “The Dragons” traveled to Yakima, WA to compete in their first qualifying tournament against 27 other teams from around the region. See a Photo Gallery of their competition.

Coach Michelle Bledsoe reports: “They played 11 qualifying matches over one and a half days. Each match consists of 15 seconds autonomous (where the robot can score points by moving on its own, using downloaded code and/or sensors), followed by two minutes and fifteen seconds of teleop (where the team drives the robot to score points), with the last 20 seconds being “park” time, where they can earn more points by either reaching the park zone or hanging.” See a YouTube Video of one of their matches at Yakima (#1595 is in blue).

“Despite a slow start to the matches, and a couple emergency repairs mid-tournament, the Dragons were able to climb the ranks to head into the semi-finals in 12th place. During alliance selection, where the top eight teams select two more to join them for an alliance throughout the semi-finals, the 5th ranked team chose 1595 to join their alliance. They were able to fight their way through the semi-final matches in a double elimination bracket, ending with a playoff with the #1 ranked alliance. The finals were best two out of three, and by this time several teams were playing defense, which added another element for our teams to contend with. Even after two intense, close matches, their alliance lost, ending up in 2nd place. They came home as a District Event Finalist and also won the Quality Award!”

Here’s the poetry that went with their Quality Award, which celebrates machine robustness in concept and fabrication:

In the realm of steel and sparks,
quality sets some teams apart.
Among the fierce competitors,
one team breathes fire with a heart.
The dragons take their flight,
in victory’s light,
where building robotics blends with art.

The Dragons ended the weekend with 31 ranking points. They play again on March 23-24 in Sammamish, WA, where they’ll have another chance to earn more ranking points and hopefully move on to the Regional Event in Portland, OR. Go Dragons!