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More than 60 parents responded to the Bus Survey last month with helpful feedback and positive comments. As a reminder, the SGS bus service shifted to an internal operation last fall with the following priorities:
• To provide a safe and prompt bus service for Saint George’s families.
• School busses to arrive at school between 8:10 am and 8:15 am.
• Reduce the travel time on busses when possible.
• No student should be on the bus more than one hour per one way trip.
• Operate under COVID mitigation protocols.
• Operate the bus service within the budget constraints.
• To provide the maximum customer service for our students and parents

The feedback that you provided was informative and helpful, as we continue to evolve our service practices to better serve families. For example, we have adjusted some of our stop locations and times. See the latest SGS Bus Routes for details.

Other suggestions were to improve our communications when busses are delayed. The bus service operations now have added functionality to our emergency notification system (BrightArrow) to include telephone, text, and email to contact parents about major changes such as snow days or delays of service. This can be targeted to the entire school or an individual route.

Also, letters will be sent or given to students for minor time changes on their routes a minimum of two days prior to the change. And even though some suggestions we’re not able to implement for various reasons, we are thankful for the feedback, including:
• An express service (with the current driver shortage, we wouldn’t be able to maintain current service);
• GPS system (this is under evaluation for future years);
• Direct cell phone contact with the drivers (this is a safety issue and against our cell phone and privacy policies);
• Busses with seat belts (the School Bus Transport Authorities only recommend seat belts for special needs students).

Overall, 90 percent of parents are satisfied or very satisfied with the SGS bus service, with both drivers and busses receiving very positive comments. Your Saint George’s bus drivers are well-trained and committed to transporting your children safely to and from school, athletic matches, and class activities. Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey so we can learn and improve. Go Dragons!

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