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Presentations on Healthy Internet Habits on April 21

Curtis Powell, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, will speak about healthy cyber communication and internet safety on Thursday, April 21. The presentations will be for:

  • Secondary Parents at 8:30-9:30am – Dragon Room
  • Middle School Students at 11:10-11:45am – Theatre
  • Upper School Students at 11:50am-12:25pm – Theatre

Learn about using technology as a tool, decision-making on the internet/social media/text, and the legal repercussions of sending/receiving inappropriate photos. Curtis also will discuss our digital footprint and the importance of thinking ahead and making safe/healthy decisions through cyber-communication, as well as healthy ways to respond to uncomfortable actions and conversations. The parent presentation will include how to lead talks with your children and suggestions for privacy/protection on the internet.

Curtis Powell works as a Mental Health Counselor at the Center for Family Development in Spokane. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Whitworth University and his Master’s in Counseling from Creighton University. His academic emphasis and previous internships have focused on adolescent and college student development. Curtis has spoken about healthy internet habits to a number of local audiences.