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Physics Class Tries to Protect Eggs Dropped in Courtyard

The juniors in Ross Miller’s physics class were tasked with building a container out of only cardboard and tape that could protect an egg dropped from over 5 meters high. The teams could earn an optimization stamp by using the least amount of material by mass or by cost based on tape costing five times as much as cardboard.

After testing their designs, the students recorded high-frame-rate (HFR) video of the egg drop from the second level of the Upper School courtyard. Their goal was to analyze and quantify the motion of the egg and the force of impact based on the standard momentum-force model taught in physics. Some of the eggs survived, and some didn’t! View a Photo Gallery to see which designs worked best.

“The students are already testing their assumptions and gaining hands-on experience similar to what is covered in many college-level introductory engineering design courses,” says Miller.