View SGS Alumni Panel Sessions on YouTube

March 11, 2019

Seven recent SGS graduates returned to campus on January 3rd for a panel discussion with students and parents about college life and the IB Diploma.  In case you missed their insights, we have posted videos of their Q&A Session with Students in Grades 8-12 (20 minutes long) and Q&A Session with Parents of Students in Grades 8-12 (67 minutes long) on the SGS YouTube Channel.
As they reflected on their skills in colleges across the country, they gave these insights when asked “how did the holistic approach of the IB shape you moving forward in life”:

- Helped my critical thinking;
- Made me a better learner;
- Allowed me to explore your interests and things I never thought I would;
- Encouraged me to see across the lines;
- Allowed me to take a subject and use it to help me in another subject (gave an example of how a Spanish class helped a History class);
- Allowed me to combine learning in all subjects;
- Allowed me to see the connection between different classes and how they rely on each other.

Please watch to see the full Q&A sessions and contact Elizabeth Tender, IB Coordinator, if you have any questions at