New Arts Building Planned for Campus

January 14, 2019

Just before the holiday break, Head of School Jamie Tender announced some exciting news.  The school recently received a significant gift pledge of one million dollars from a donor who would like to remain anonymous at this time.  This generous gift signifies strong support for the school and is meant to sustain SGS into the future.  The donor’s vision includes:
1.    Support long term infrastructure and facilities improvement
2.    Create community
3.    Develop a philanthropic culture of support for Saint George’s School

The board and administration, working with the donor, have agreed to move forward with a building project to replace the existing Lower School Art Facility.  The Arts are one of the three pillars of the school's mission.  A new Arts Building is a key piece of the Campus Master Plan and will include:
1.    Lower & Middle School Art
2.    Lower School Music
3.    A community gathering space/gallery

This 3300 sq. ft. facility will be built in the vicinity of the current LS Art Facility.  Building is forecasted to start this spring with completion by the end of 2019.  We do not have renderings of the new facility at this time, but we will have them in time for the Spring Gala in May.  Proceeds from the Spring Gala also will go towards supporting this building project.  Look for more information about this new facility as we get closer to construction.