Ski Bus to Mt. Spokane Returns Jan. 24

January 13, 2020

The annual Middle & Upper School Ski Bus to the Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Resort returns on Friday, January 24.  The bus leaves SGS at 3:20pm and will drop students off at Yokes on HWY 2 at 9pm, SGS at 9:30pm and then the Grocery Outlet on the northwest corner of Maple and 4th Ave at 10pm.  Helmets are required, and skis and snowboards must be dropped off at Metters by the morning of the ski bus.  Lift ticket is $20.00 and bus fare is $10.00 so $30.00 for the evening ($10 if you have a season pass!)  Extra costs are snacks and dinner.  Students may rent equipment at the resort as well.  All waivers and money must be turned in by 3pm the day before the ski bus in order to participate.  See the Ski Bus Info for 2020 on the Parent Portal for more details.