Gonzaga Dancers Take the Stage on Dec. 6

December 02, 2019

SGS is hosting the Gonzaga Repertory Dance Company on Friday, Dec. 6 at 2:30 in Founders Theater for grades 5-12.  Their performance is titled, Poetry In Motion, “an interdisciplinary project using poetry, music, dance and science.  The poem was written by a dancer who died at the age of 25 of cancer.  The presentation is about 20 minutes long with dance, music and spoken word intertwined throughout, with a audience talkback and discussion directly following.”   

The group of dancers includes 8 Gonzaga students ranging from freshmen to seniors, who not only study dance but a range of additional majors such as Physics, Public Relations, Business, etc.  They are led by Suzanne Ostersmith, mother of alums, Daniel ’15 and Nik ’13, who is Director of the GU Dance Program and Interdisciplinary Arts Minor.