Middle School News

Tuesday, Sept. 1 through Thursday, Sept. 3 was Orientation Week for the Middle School.  Each day, the students posed for First Day of School photos before starting their classes.  See photo galleries of the incoming 6th Graders on Sept. 1, the 7th Graders on Sept. 2, and the 8th Graders on Sept. 3.  Welcome back, Dragons! 

A team of parents made goody bags and delivered them as a caravan to the 8th graders on Tuesday, June 9th to celebrate the end of the year.  See a Photo Gallery of the happy recipients and a Video made by the delivery team.

The 7th graders recorded messages of thanks to their teachers and wishes for a good summer break.  Thanks to Lee Anne Reber for pulling it all together.  See the 7th Grader's Videos here, and Go Dragons!

The annual Middle School recognition videos -- one of the Teachers Announcing Awards and a MS Full Year Slideshow -- will go live on the SGS YouTube Channel at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 9th.  Be sure to watch the awards video all the way through to the end for a surprise from the teachers!

The 7th and 8th grade art students studied the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy, then found natural materials to create their own "land art" at home.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations, with several of their artworks followed by the student's reflection on the project.  

The Student Showcase Extravaganza (formerly known as Genius Hour) on Monday, June 1st, will consist of live presentations from 10-11:30am in a virtual format!  All 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, as well as their parents and siblings, will be invited to present their projects on Microsoft Teams in cohorts of 9-10 students.  Each student will give a 3-to-8 minute presentation, based on their grade level, to the other students in the virtual room, their families, as well as other community members and staff.  These presentations will hopefully display what they have been working on, how the project went, and allow the student to reflect on the process and what they learned.  See More Information on the Student Showcase event.

With this year's 5th graders unable to participate in the traditional Transition Day to Middle School, the 6th grade teachers and Middle School Head Joelle Neiwert have created an informative, and humorous, video for the fifth graders to prepare them for next year.  You can watch it too and see what Life in 6th Grade could be like this fall!

The 6th graders watched their teacher Kristie Slattengren separate out DNA from strawberries on May 14. Then those who had the materials at home performed their own DNA separation!  Here's a Photo Gallery of them mashing up a strawberry, adding soapy salty water and continuing to mash it, then filtering it with a coffee filter, then slowly adding isopropyl alcohol and watching the DNA precipitate so they can scoop it out with a coffee stir stick.

The 7th and 8th grade art students were asked to write and illustrate a magazine poem or to create art using food or draw what’s inside your refrigerator.  Here's a Photo Gallery of the variety of results of that assignment.

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