Lower School News

The 1st graders created costumes and performed their annual "Rumpus in the Rainforest" on May 15 in the Dragon's Den.  See a Photo Gallery of shots from the performance and of the students in their costumes afterwards.

The 5th graders staged the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on May 16-17 in Founders Theater.  It featured the Wonka Sisters, a bunch of spoiled children, green-haired Umpa Lumpas, and one lucky Charlie.  See a Photo Gallery of the show and hear videos of them singing "The Candy Man," "I Want It Now" and "Pure Imagination."  To order a DVD of the full performance, contact Philip at KDK One Digital Media


The Kindergarten class put on their decorated "butterfly" wings and released the bright orange butterflies that have been developing in their classroom on May 15, 2019 on Graduation Lawn.  See a Photo Gallery of the big and little butterflies on Graduation Lawn!

The annual Lower School Writers' Celebration on May 7 began in Metters Gym with time to look at books the students have written, hear the choir sing, and follow student leaders off to the rooms where each student would read what they've written.  See a Photo Gallery of this introduction time.  Then everyone headed to different rooms to listen to each Lower Schooler read something that they had written for class.  See a Photo Gallery of them reading and listening.  A lot of impressive writers - and readers - in the Lower School!

The Lower School's annual Writers' Celebration is this Tuesday, May 7 from 6:30-8pm in Metters Gym.  Beginning at 6pm, enjoy looking at student artwork in the gym, LS hallways and library, and viewing displayed books published by K-5 students in the gym.  After some songs in the gym by the LS Choir, everyone will spread out to different rooms in the Lower School where each student in grades K-5 will share a piece of their writing in front of a small group of parents and students.  Come enjoy this celebration of writing at SGS!  

Kindergarten teacher Erika Mullins and the Student Council planned, organized, and implemented a fun-filled Friday Assembly for the Lower School family groups on April 26.  The students groups, a mix of different grades, competed in Minute to Win It style games, such as balloon knock down, noodle pick up, bouncing ping pong balls into cups, stacking dice with popsicle sticks, stacking Oreo cookies, and picking up Fruit Loop cereal pieces with chop sticks!  See a Photo Gallery of some of the games.

Saint George's chess players had a lot of success at the State Elementary Chess Tournament this weekend.  Eshan Reddy (4.0) earned a trophy and only lost to the top rated 3rd grader in the state.  Noah Hockheimer and Donovan Bradford (both 3.0) also earned trophies, and their combined score put the 1st-3rd grade team in 33rd place overall.  Our 4th and 5th graders all won games as well.  Per Sande (2.5), Adrian Rooney (2.0), and Preston Sevigny (1.5) all received state championship medals.  The team finished 66th in the 4th-6th grade category.  The event was the largest chess event in Washington state history with 1432 competitors -- see a Photo Gallery of our top players.  Go Dragons!

The Whitworth Choir performed for Saint George's Lower School students on Thursday, April 25.  Not only did our students have the opportunity to hear an adult choir, but the Whitworth students demonstrated vocal ranges and explained the different vocal sections of a choir.  Marc Hafso, husband of SGS LS Music teacher Judy Hafso, is the Whitworth conductor.

The After School Care kids enjoyed meeting a cute bunny and hunting for Easter Eggs around the Lower School playground on Thursday, April 18.  See a Photo Gallery of the eggs being hidden, the mad scramble to find the eggs, and the happy results!

The 3rd graders shared posters, stories, artifacts and foods from their family histories at Friday Assembly and a party afterwards on April 19, 2019.  See a Photo Gallery of their family history creations. 

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