Lower School News

The 2nd graders roamed around campus when it wasn't so smoky taking photos of nature with their tablets for a science lesson.  See a Photo Gallery of them exploring the variety of plants and animals on campus.

The Kindergarten students were the first ones to have an art class in the new Arts Building on Sept. 8.  Several of their classmates participated from home, decorating their own cardboard box of art supplies.  See a Photo Gallery of the littlest Dragons in the newest classroom on campus!

The 1st grade students joined music teacher Judy Hafso for their first music class in the new Arts Building on Sept. 9.  See a Photo Gallery of them singing and dancing while staying in their "socially distanced" hula hoops!

See K-2 Dragon Masks

September 14, 2020

The Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders created dragon masks for their Dragon Dance on Sept. 10.  See photo galleries of the Kindergarten Masks, the 1st Graders' Masks, and the 2nd Graders' Masks!

The Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade classes marched around the Lower School and onto Graduation Lawn to music and greetings at a unique Dragon Dance the afternoon of Sept. 10, 2020.  See a Photo Gallery and a Short Video of them marching and singing as they carry on this Saint George's School start-of-school tradition.

Tuesday, Sept. 8 was the first day of classes for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.  Some were learning from home, but most of the students were back on campus with their teachers and classmates -- the first SGS students with regular classes on campus this fall!  See photo galleries of the Kindergarten, the 1st Graders, and the 2nd Graders posing on their first day of school.

Wednesday, Sept. 2 through Friday, Sept. 4 was Orientation Week for the Lower School's 3rd through 5th graders.  Each day, the students posed for First Day of School photos before starting their classes.  See photo galleries of the incoming 3rd Graders on Sept. 2, the 4th Graders on Sept. 3, and the 5th Graders on Sept. 4.  Welcome back, Dragons! 

Summer reading assignments for incoming Lower School students are now on the Parent Portal's Documents & Bulletins page.  Here are links to the incoming K-3rd Grades Summer Reading, the incoming 4th Grade Summer Reading, and the incoming 5th Grade Summer Reading assignments.

The Lower School teachers and staff shared kind words about each 5th grader as they recognized them for completing their time in the Lower School and preparing to enter the Middle School.  They also put together a slideshow of the 5th graders' year.  See the 5th Grade Kind Words Video and the 5th Grade Slideshow Video.  Well done, 5th graders!

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