Community News

The Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade classes marched around the Lower School and onto Graduation Lawn to music and greetings at a unique Dragon Dance the afternoon of Sept. 10, 2020.  See a Photo Gallery and a Short Video of them marching and singing as they carry on this Saint George's School start-of-school tradition.

Tuesday, Sept. 8 was the first day of classes for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.  Some were learning from home, but most of the students were back on campus with their teachers and classmates -- the first SGS students with regular classes on campus this fall!  See photo galleries of the Kindergarten, the 1st Graders, and the 2nd Graders posing on their first day of school.

Fifteen seniors, more than a third of their class and the most of any class in recent memory, are beginning their 13th year at Saint George's School.  Congratulations to these Dragons who started here in Kindergarten -- the Math Dept. figures they will have spent 2,340 days at Saint George's by the time they graduate next spring!

13-Year Seniors:  Sydney Bledsoe, Shayden Brown, Nicole Cook, Paul Darnall, Kelsey Doughty, Kylie Doughty, John Michael Field, Alex Gustafson, Audrey Harrill, Reagan Ivey, Addy Lennemann, Nico Morales, Erika Piotrowski, Cambrie Rickard, and Zadie Rigsby.  Go Dragons!

For the latest news from the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools during the fall semester, be sure to read the Division Head letters on PowerSchool Learning.  Here are links to new letters from Kathy Johnson (Lower School), Joelle Neiwert (Middle School), and Francesca Mulazzi (Upper School) for the week of Sept. 21.

If you or anyone in your household tests positive for Covid-19, please contact Ryan Peplinski, our Covid Coordinator.  Ryan will work in concert with Spokane Regional Health District to do contact tracing to ensure safety in the community.

Banners Welcome New School Year

September 22, 2020

The light posts on campus have new banners celebrating student achievements from the past year and highlighting this year's theme of "Thrive".  See a Photo Gallery of the red and black banners that decorate the road in front of the Middle and Upper School as well as the front of the Errol Schmidt Athletic Center.

The main purpose of the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum at SGS is to teach our students to establish and maintain healthy relationships, to understand and manage their emotions and feelings, and to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety. A document on SEL in Distance Learning posted on the Parent Portal outlines the expected skill development of students by grade level, parents’ role in social development, our plan for SEL during DL this fall, ways to practice self-care, and resources we will use and you can explore.  You can find more SEL resources at the Center for Family Engagement webpage.

Wednesday, Sept. 2 through Friday, Sept. 4 was Orientation Week for the Lower School's 3rd through 5th graders.  Each day, the students posed for First Day of School photos before starting their classes.  See photo galleries of the incoming 3rd Graders on Sept. 2, the 4th Graders on Sept. 3, and the 5th Graders on Sept. 4.  Welcome back, Dragons! 

Tuesday, Sept. 1 through Thursday, Sept. 3 was Orientation Week for the Middle School.  Each day, the students posed for First Day of School photos before starting their classes.  See photo galleries of the incoming 6th Graders on Sept. 1, the 7th Graders on Sept. 2, and the 8th Graders on Sept. 3.  Welcome back, Dragons! 

Each Upper School grade began their Orientation Day with a "socially distanced" gathering on Graduation Lawn and an activity to help them get to know new friends and catch up with old friends after a spring and summer apart.  See photo galleries of the 12th Graders' outside activity, the 11th Graders, the 10th Graders, and the 9th Graders.  It was great to be back on campus together!

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