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Students who want to perform in the All-School Talent Show must submit a Talent Show Form to Melanie Mildrew by Wednesday, Jan. 16.  Auditions for grades 6-12 are during lunch on Thursday, Jan. 17 in the Dragon Room, while Lower School auditions will be that same day during the second break (1:30pm) in the Dragon Den.  All of their talents will be on display at the show on Thursday, Jan. 24 at 6pm in Founders Theater.

The 9th grade Introduction to Studio Art students have been studying Color Harmony and Color Matching.  Here is a Photo Gallery of their paintings of abstract comics that they did as a culmination of that unit.  You can see them on display in the US Courtyard above the lockers on the wall outside the Art Studio.

Ten Upper School ceramics students have created a multitude of clay birds with inspiring or hopeful words on them.  See a Photo Gallery of them in the Art Gallery exhibit space, and then in January anyone is welcome to pick a bird that speaks to them and take it home to decorate your new year!

Kindergarten and 1st graders created holiday decorations with the 8th graders for a mural in the Middle School. See a Photo Gallery of them working together, as well as watching the 3D printer and laser cutter create decorations in the Maker Space.  

The Lower School students sang and danced their way through their Holiday Concert on Dec. 18 in Founders Theater.  See a Photo Gallery of their performance, as well as videos of the Kindergarten having fun in the snow, the 5th Grades' Spanish Song, and the full Lower School singing One Little Candle.  Happy Holidays! 

Just before the holiday break, Head of School Jamie Tender announced some exciting news.  The school recently received a significant gift pledge of one million dollars from a donor who would like to remain anonymous at this time.  This generous gift signifies strong support for the school and is meant to sustain SGS into the future.  The donor’s vision includes:
1.    Support long term infrastructure and facilities improvement
2.    Create community
3.    Develop a philanthropic culture of support for Saint George’s School

The board and administration, working with the donor, have agreed to move forward with a building project to replace the existing Lower School Art Facility.  The Arts are one of the three pillars of the school's mission.  A new Arts Building is a key piece of the Campus Master Plan and will include:
1.    Lower & Middle School Art
2.    Lower School Music
3.    A community gathering space/gallery

This 3300 sq. ft. facility will be built in the vicinity of the current LS Art Facility.  Building is forecasted to start this spring with completion by the end of 2019.  We do not have renderings of the new facility at this time, but we will have them in time for the Spring Gala in May.  Proceeds from the Spring Gala also will go towards supporting this building project.  Look for more information about this new facility as we get closer to construction.

The 2018 Holiday Concert for grades 6-12 on Dec. 5th featured a variety of musical numbers.  See videos of:

> The 6th Choir play bells to "Up on the House Top"
> The 7th-8th Choir sing a "Charlie Brown Christmas"
> A piano duet of Christmas Songs
> A "Carol of the Bells" piano solo
> The Chamber Quartet sings "The Last Rose of Summer"
> The Instrumental Group plays "Wizards in Winterland"
> The Symphonic Choir sings "Jingle Bells in 5/4!"
> The Symphonic girls sing "A La Nanita Nana"
> and the Symphonic Choir sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Happy Holidays from the Saint George's Music Department!

Middle and Upper School singers, pianists, and instrumental groups played for family and friends at the Dec. 5 Holiday Concert in Founders Theater.  See a Photo Gallery of their performances, and see videos of a variety of their numbers on the SGS YouTube Channel (also found on the SGS website under Media / SGS YouTube). 

The Lower School Holiday Concert, "Festival of Light", will be on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 7:00pm in Founders Theater.  This delightful evening will be filled with singing, dancing, and the students playing a myriad of instruments.  The students will perform with their grade-level classmates and as the entire Lower School.  The doors to Founders' Theater will open at 6:45pm.  At 6:45pm, K-2 children are to be in the music room across from Founders' Theater, and children in Grades 3-5 are to be in the MS Dragon Room (close to MS Office).  Happy Holidays!

8th Graders Create 3D Words

December 10, 2018

8th grade artists have created 3D words out of layers of paper and cardboard. See them in this Photo Gallery and in the Middle School hallway before they go "Tick Tock" and "Kapow!"

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