Arts News

The 2nd graders roamed around campus when it wasn't so smoky taking photos of nature with their tablets for a science lesson.  See a Photo Gallery of them exploring the variety of plants and animals on campus.

The Kindergarten students were the first ones to have an art class in the new Arts Building on Sept. 8.  Several of their classmates participated from home, decorating their own cardboard box of art supplies.  See a Photo Gallery of the littlest Dragons in the newest classroom on campus!

The 1st grade students joined music teacher Judy Hafso for their first music class in the new Arts Building on Sept. 9.  See a Photo Gallery of them singing and dancing while staying in their "socially distanced" hula hoops!

See K-2 Dragon Masks

September 14, 2020

The Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders created dragon masks for their Dragon Dance on Sept. 10.  See photo galleries of the Kindergarten Masks, the 1st Graders' Masks, and the 2nd Graders' Masks!

The SGS spring musical "Guys and Dolls" was cancelled when the school shut down in March, but the student actors had been practicing their songs and scenes for several months.  So in honor of their efforts, we've posted a Photo Gallery of some of their scenes and two songs from the show -- Carolyn He as Sarah Brown singing "If I Were a Bell" and Max Rickard as Sky Masterson singing "My Time of Day".  Enjoy!

Students, parents and staff combined two words to create a new word describing their feelings about life under quarantine.  Then they created a piece of art to illustrate those feelings.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations and see if you share the feelings they've described.


The Lower School students created artwork to say "Thank You" to their teachers for their hard work this year.  Art teacher Jennifer Davenport put it together with music for us all to enjoy.  See the Primary (K-2) Student Artwork Slideshow and the Intermediate (3-5) Student Artwork Slideshow.  Thank you, teachers -- have a wonderful summer!

The usual Lower School Friday Assembly on June 5 finished with music teacher Judy Hafso singing Grandma's Feather Bed and an Irish Blessing.  See videos of both songs and watch the Lower School kids singing along over Zoom!

To combat boredom, Upper School teachers Dave Holte and Chad Rigsby are watching a movie a week and discussing it online.  Check out their fifth movie podcast discussing the Coen Brothers' murder-comedy Fargo on the SGS YouTube Channel with new alumni guests Skyler King and Marshall Roll.  You can also find previous podcasts, about Jaws, In the Heat of the Night, The Godfather and JoJo Rabbit on the SGS YouTube Channel.

The 7th and 8th grade art students studied the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy, then found natural materials to create their own "land art" at home.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations, with several of their artworks followed by the student's reflection on the project.  

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