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Saint George's FIRST Tech Challenge team #7935 participated in their first competition of the year on Nov. 3 at Gonzaga Prep.  Their robot was the autonomous "start of the day" according to coach Rick DeFord, and they are currently in 2nd place.  Thanks to 10th grader Chase Foster for this Photo Gallery from the competition.  

Congratulations to the SGS Chess Club participants for winning the team trophy at the Queen's Crown Chess Tournament last Saturday, Oct. 26.  The chess players were Eshan Reddy (1st place in the top section), Adrian Rooney (qualified for State), Preston Sevigny, Noah Hochheimer, and Kristopher McKethen.  Go Dragons!

Saint George's Robotics team #1595 demonstrated their latest robot at FIRST Washington's Change the World Fundraiser on Wednesday, May 15.  The evening included student demonstrations from several teams of different ages.  Then Dr. Charlotte Lamp, a former SGS parent and the mother of Spokane astronaut Anne McClain, talked about Anne's dream of becoming an astronaut at a very young age and the path she followed to make that dream come true.  Read more about the FIRST Event at Spokane STEM News.  

Four students from Saint George's School participated in the final local chess tournament for 2018-2019, the Last Chance.  Eshan Reddy was the only player among the 32 participants who finished with a perfect 5.0; he took home the trophy for first place in the Bishop section.  Adrian Rooney and Donovan Bradford both finished with 3.0 and each won their respective grade level trophy; Adrian was 1st in fourth grade, and Donovan was 1st in third grade.  The team score, which included Noah Hochheimer, put SGS in a tie with Deer Park Home Link, both at 12.  Team ties are resolved by going to the fifth player, leaving SGS in 2nd place.  The season ends with the Washington State Elementary Chess Championship in Tacoma on April 27.  Six SGS students are registered for State -- Adrian, Donovan, Eshan, Noah, Per Sande, and Preston Sevigny.  Go Dragons!

During what many observers marked a “rebuilding season,” Saint George’s collection of young debaters placed 2nd in the GSL Tournament, and qualified two young policy teams to the State Tournament, held at University of Puget Sound over the weekend of March 23-24.  As always, SGS contended against schools of all sizes.  This year’s up-and-coming SGS State Tournament contenders included: Gabi Cunningham (10), Paul Darnall (10), and Tariq Ravasia (9).  Senior Charlie Darnall also made his fourth consecutive appearance at the State Tournament.  He had previously reached the State Final Four three times, one of the all-time great Saint George’s records.  In Fall 2019, Saint George’s will return several of the youngest, most competitive debaters in the Pacific Northwest.  Watch out! 

Saint George's FIRST Robotics team #1595 reached the quarterfinals of the West Valley Regional competition on March 22-23 while earning both the Judges Award (for mentoring and STEM development) and the Pit Safety Award.  Past Dragon robotics participants were there to cheer them on, and the team also gave a tour to the SGS 3rd grade Lego League Jr team.  See photo galleries of the Robotics Team and Supporters as well as the 3rd Grade Team at the competition.

The 3rd grade Lego League Jr. teams competed at West Valley HS on Saturday, March 23.  FIRST robotics reviewers approached each team to ask them questions about their Moon Base and what they learned about living on the Moon.  After this presentation period, the students were given a tour of the SGS FIRST Robotics team at their competition before receiving high-fives from the FIRST volunteers and a LEGO medal award.  Former SGS Robotics member, Max Richardson (Denie's son), was home from college to give the third graders a special tour of the Robotics competition.  See a Photo Gallery of their displays and tour.  

The LEGO League Jr. season challenge this year was Mission Moon.  The students had to learn about the challenges that would face them on the Moon so that they could construct a Moon Base.  In addition to learning about the environment on the Moon, each team brainstormed ideas of how to get their air, water, energy and food on their base.  After each team picked their favorite ideas, they began building and testing those ideas with their Legos.  One part of the moon base had to be motorized and programmed with Lego WeDo 2.0.  

Thank you to lead coaches Laura and Chase Bradford and assistants Jacob Swartz and Toshi Shimizu for all their hard work in preparing the students of Team Apollo Lunar Ninjas and Team Discovery Adventurers for the competition and providing a fun experience with Legos!

Four Saint George's students scored 4.0 in the Dragon Slayer Tournament at Saint George's on Saturday, March 23, winning the team trophy.  Four students won individual chess trophies: Eshan Reddy won 1st place in the K-12 section, Joey Maestas took 2nd place in K-5, Noah Hochheimer finished 2nd in K-2, and Adrian Rooney won 1st in fourth grade.  Per Sande and Preston Sevigny also competed at the tournament in Metters Gym that drew 50 students from 20 schools.  See a Photo Gallery of images from the event taken by SGS coach James Stripes.

Eshan finished in a tie with two others for the top prize, winning the prize on tiebreaks, since his five opponents had a higher overall score than the five opponents of each the other two players.  It was a very competitive event for the top players.  The top six in the K-12 section all beat at least one of the six and each lost at least one game to one of the six.  Eshan is in third grade; the other five are in grades six through nine.  Great matches, Dragons!

The 5th grade Math Is Cool team will be participating at Masters (State) in Moses Lake on May 18.  Congratulations to Matthew Longstreth, Britta Ohnback, Per Sande, Megan Neiwert, and alternate Regan Thomas.  Go Dragons!

The 4th grade Math Is Cool team of 21 students took 2nd place at their Regional competition on March 23.  In individual honors, Taylor Teague placed 1st in the top division and Adam Ling took 2nd place.  See a Photo Gallery of the team at Regionals.  Coach Rick Petrini will learn this week if team members will be going to the State Masters competition.  Congrats, Dragons!

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