Academic News

Each year, Saint George's offers the PSAT test to all SGS students in grades 8-11 to provide families with a tool to track student learning and progress as they move through the Middle School and Upper School curriculum.  It also gives students practice with standardized tests.  Typically, the test is held on a single date throughout the country during the second Wednesday of October, but this year the College Board has created a second test date in January to accommodate schools doing distance learning.  SGS has decided to forego the October testing date and instead offer the test on Tuesday, January 26, in the hope that by then the school will have been able to resume operation in a hybrid or fully in-person model. 
The opportunity is especially important for juniors, since the National Merit Scholarship is based on their performance on the test taken during junior year.  This also provides one final chance to prepare for the SAT test that many juniors will take later in the school year and during the fall of their senior year.  Contact Kerry Clark with any questions.

SGS College Counselor Kerry Clark invites senior parents to attend Senior Parent College Night from 5:30 to 7:00pm on Wednesday, Sept. 30.  The meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams, so look for an email from Kerry with the link to the meeting.  Learn how you can support your senior in their college application and decision process!  Contact Kerry with any questions.

Congratulations to SGS Debaters Gabi Cunningham (senior) and Tariq Ravasia (junior).  Over the last two weekends, Gabi and Tariq reached the Sweet Sixteen not once, but twice, at national circuit tournaments.  The Grapevine Tournament (Texas) and the Jack Howe Tournament (California) both draw hundreds of policy teams from a national pool of talent.  Competing virtually, Gabi and Tariq beat out contenders from all across the nation to reach the octafinals at both events.  Go Dragons!

Saint George's was not able to hold a traditional awards ceremony in the spring for the 2019-2020 academic and kindness award winners.  "We plan to have a face to face event at some point in the future," says US Head Francesca Mulazzi.  "In the meantime, please join me in congratulating the following students for their awards."
Harvard Book Award: Jiepu (Yoyo) Yang
Wellesley Book Award: Gabrielle Cunningham
Bowdoin Book Award: Zadie Rigsby
Williams College Book Award: Nicolas Morales
George Washington University Book Award: Alexandra Dixon
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Math and Science: Jake Gliniak
Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in the Humanities & Social Sciences: Erika Piotrowski
M. Poutiatine Award - Outdoor Excellence: Aidan Reichel
Community Service Club: Carolyn Wolff
Excellence in English: Chaitanya Nalluri
Excellence in World Languages - English Learners: Yufan (Celia) Zhao
Excellence in World Languages - Spanish: Gabrielle Cunningham
Excellence in History: Wenqing (Winnie) Wu
Excellence in Economics: John DeForest
Excellence in Science: Alec Bunn
Excellence in Mathematics: Jiahui (Henry) Xu
Excellence in Art: Sydney Bledsoe
Excellence in Music: Ethan Wu
The Katy Reeves Performing Arts Award: Reagan Ivey
Engineering Inspiration Award: Tristan Krzyzanek
Tammy Dix PE Award: Lilly Glennie
The Michael M. McCarthy Speech and Debate Award: Gabrielle Cunningham
Cum Laude Society: Gabrielle Cunningham, John DeForest, Alec Bunn, and Chaitanya Nalluri
Kindness Award Grade 9: Lilly Glennie
Kindness Award Grade 10: Chase Foster
Kindness Award Grade 11: Aidan Reichel

Twenty members of the Class of 2020 have earned the International Baccalaureate Diploma based on their scores in IB subject tests.  The average score of those who received the IB Diploma was 30, while the highest IB Diploma score by an SGS student was 38.  These 20, and many of their classmates, earned academic credit at colleges across the country with their IB test scores.  Congratulations to all 20 for successfully completing the most rigorous high school diploma program in the world!

School Is Open Monday, Sept. 14

September 13, 2020

Good Afternoon, 

This announcement pertains to the Air Quality Index issues related to the smoke in the area this weekend. At this time, the AQI is still in the hazardous range but is forecasted to improve tomorrow. On Monday, September 14th, SGS will plan to hold classes on campus for grades K-2 in the hybrid model established last week. Students will remain inside during the day and we will utilize the three gyms on campus for recess. If students have underlying health conditions related to the poor air quality, they may choose to stay home. 

Grades 3-12 will continue with Distance Learning as scheduled. 

Thank you,

Jamie Tender
Head of School

Monday, August 31 through Thursday, Sept. 3 was Orientation Week for the Upper School, with students from each grade coming on a different day to meet their teachers, learn how to submit assignments, and generally prepare for Distance Learning this fall.  See photo galleries of the 12th Graders, the 11th Graders, the 10th Graders, and the 9th Graders in a variety of classes, locations and activities throughout their Orientation Days. 

Members of the Class of 2020 received a number of departmental senior awards and honors this summer.  These included:

The Gertrude W. Cadzow Music Award: Bennett Clark
The Corlin I. Cullen World Languages Award: Callie Gee
The Elisabeth H. Gemberling English Award: Miya Jacobs
The Clare W. Gilbert Art Award: Yue (Krystal) Huang
The John A. Hern Jr. Mathematics Award: Sarah Wu
The Hannah L. Joss Social Studies Award: Marshall Roll
The Alexander R. MacKay Jr. Science Award: Sydney Lennemann
The Patrick R. Neils Drama Award: Rongyi (Caroline) He
The Jonathan McClain Die Hard Awards: Mary Bade & Maria Madero
World Language Honorable Mention: Caleb Flegel
Kindness Award: Grace Harrill
Athletes of the Year: Lydia Bergquist, Grace Harrill & Daniel Rigsby

In addition, two honors announced at Graduation were the Head of School Cup to Marshall Roll and the Alumni Asssociation Service Award to Lucy Yan.  See all of the graduating seniors' awards and honors, as well as the colleges and universities they are headed to, in the 2020 Graduation Program on the website.

Dear Saint George’s Parents and Community:
The faculty and staff are so excited for next week’s Student Orientations.  The majority of our students will be attending in-person and others will be attending remotely, so for us, it is a win-win in getting to see our students.  This carefully orchestrated week will allow our students to see one another and get on campus for a short period of time.  It will also allow our 49 new students to meet their teachers and new classmates before we start gathering in our Distance Learning 2.0 platforms and before we return to a hybrid model (part in-person/part online).  I know our returning students are eager to welcome their new peers to the community, and our Parent Ambassadors will be reaching out to assist new families as we all navigate the atypical start to the year.   As we all continue working together and supporting one another through the challenges we will all thrive until we are together again in-person.
The Spokane County COVID-19 related data has been moving in the right direction over the past several weeks.  This is good news as it applies to the various metrics associated with re-opening to a hybrid learning model.  The Labor Day weekend is still a concern for health officials monitoring the data, so please keep up the good work of social distancing and wearing face coverings.
You have received a great deal of communication this week from various sources around the school, so I will keep this brief so you can enjoy your weekend and focus on the most important information.  Please review the information from Ryan Peplinski, the SGS COVID Coordinator,  included in this email for the key reminders for next week.  This includes details by Division/grade level for attending the orientations, as well as what you will need and where to go.  We will have a small army of staff and volunteers to assist throughout next week.
• Students will be required to wear a face mask (or face shield with a shroud). 
• Complete Daily Symptom Check Card – (aka the “Golden Ticket”) that was mailed to you this week.  Students will need this to enter the school.  Please keep students home if they are showing any symptoms.  
• Although it may be difficult, students will need to remember to socially distance themselves from others. Everyone is excited to see their friends, but this is the new normal, so please talk with your child about how to express their enthusiasm from 6 feet away.
• We ask our parents not to enter the school buildings.  If Lower School parents would like to walk their students to the building, please have a mask on and stay socially distanced.  
• There will be no buses on these days.
• Students should bring a water bottle that can be filled at school with the bottle fillers.  Water fountains will not be available.
• Bring a lunch or snack as needed.  We will not be allowing food deliveries or off campus privileges during the orientation days.
Have a great weekend!  We look forward to visiting with our students next week and seeing our K-2 students on September 8. 
Jamie Tender
Head of School

Dear SGS Community,

Since our closure in March, we have been planning and implementing multiple scenarios for re-opening Saint George’s School.  In March, we looked forward to the warmer months and summer to flatten the curve, only to see cases spike in Spokane and around the country. I have worked closely with the administrative team, teachers and the Board of Trustees in the planning process as guidance has continued to evolve and change in regard to the quandary of opening schools during this pandemic. There have been vigorous discussions weighing all available information, there has been optimism and pessimism, but everyone was working together to make the right decision about the start of school. 

Based on the science of the COVID-19 virus and existing data, the Washington Department of Health, the Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) and the Governor have strongly recommended for schools to begin the year remotely. With the support and approval of the Board, Saint George’s School will follow that guidance and start K-12 in a Distance Learning model... 

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