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Dear SGS Community,
Happy early 4th of July!  I hope you and your families are able to enjoy the upcoming weekend and safely enjoy captivating fireworks.  June has been a busy month with preparations for the new school year.  Our Task Force and Working Groups have met and produced recommendations for the coming year.  We are still in the process of completing the final document and guidelines as we establish our SGS plan to address the nuances of this pandemic situation.  The ability to be nimble and flexible as well as mitigating the risk of spreading the COVID-19 Virus to keep everyone safe add to the complexity of our overall planning.
Overview of the SGS Re-Opening Plan
While the situation continues to be fluid in our region and state, based on the guidelines, restrictions, etc. currently in place, we feel confident in our ability to offer in-person school to start the year and meet the needs of students that are unable to participate on campus.  Our primary goals: 
• Establishing relationships between students and teachers to start the new year.
• Establishing classroom processes and routines that can carry over to Distance Learning (DL) as needed.
• Establishing the essential learning objectives for each grade level and subject. 
• Creating and enforcing the elements of a safe learning environment while mitigating the risks of the COVID-19 Virus.
What to Expect
There will be a “new” normal in the way we operate in most areas.  The working groups took what we experienced and learned in the spring during DL 1.0 along with input from a multitude of resources in addressing the issues that were identified. 
• When school starts, students will be expected to wear masks, wash/sanitize hands, and social distance at six (6) feet.  Classrooms and learning spaces will be set-up to establish the spacing, but students will also need to take on responsibility between classes, during lunch, and at breaks.  We will also be communicating new safety procedures including, but not limited to, entering and exiting buildings, as well as movement within and between buildings and spaces on campus.
• School employees and students will need to adhere to guidelines for personal health before coming to school. (Health guidelines are established by the CDC, DOH, and SRHD.)  
• We anticipate Lower School classes operating primarily in grade level cohorts.  Students in grades 6-12 will also be attending classes mainly by grade level, but there is more movement in these larger grades with student schedules.
• Technology integration will continue to be prioritized within the classrooms as teachers and students utilize a more streamlined platform of tools and establish classroom expectations.  The school is also updating from cable to fiber to increase internet upload speeds and overall reliability.
• Teachers are engaging in a variety of Professional Development opportunities this summer to be better equipped to address teaching in this complex model.
• Clarified expectations and norms for the community (Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrators, etc.) will apply equally in-person and in the DL 2.0 model.  These roles and responsibilities were outlined with the intention of making clear what is expected of each of us, so that everyone can learn and work together as a community and in line with our school’s core values. 
• Large gatherings (Friday Morning meetings, Monday Meetings for MS/US, etc.) will be on hold until we better know the situation in September.
• Transportation and busses – Currently, bus guidelines will require masks, window ventilation and social distancing when it allows.
What Is Still Developing?
• Start of School Activities – Each division will be developing a playbook for the start of school and prioritizing the needs of the students.
• Daily Schedule – As part of the need to have a transition plan from in-person to DL, we are creating a daily schedule that will allow for a more seamless transition to DL 2.0 if needed.  This is primarily a focus for the MS/US since LS classes are self-contained.
• We are identifying alternative teaching spaces that will accommodate “larger” classes and social distancing requirements.  Our campus and facilities will allow creativity in this area. 
• Athletics and Activities – Initial guidelines have been published by the WIAA in conjunction with the DOH.  This plan is tied to the state’s re-opening phases, so there is uncertainty based on how the COVID-19 virus responds and the impact to athletics and activities for 2020-21. 
Updates will continue in July and August as we approach the start of the school year.  We will also be sending out the Back to School mailing the first week of August.  
Thank you and enjoy your summer.
Jamie Tender
Head of School

Summer reading assignments for incoming Lower School students are now on the Parent Portal's Documents & Bulletins page.  Here are links to the incoming K-3rd Grades Summer Reading, the incoming 4th Grade Summer Reading, and the incoming 5th Grade Summer Reading assignments.

Saint George’s School is excited to welcome Stephanie Jackson as our new volleyball coach!  We think Coach Jackson will be a great addition to the Saint George's Community.  When we get back together, please make it a point to introduce yourself and Stephanie to our School.

As a collegiate athlete, Stephanie was a volleyball player at Auburn and the University of Georgia. During her collegiate career, she won the Arthur Ashe student-athlete award in 1999. Stephanie grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, in Lockport, IL.  In high school, she was the Illinois Gatorade and Chicago Sun Times Player of the year her senior year.  Stephanie was a setter and an outside hitter throughout her career.

Stephanie has taught English as a Foreign Language internationally in China, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates. In the United States, Stephanie has primarily taught History and Spanish in Illinois and Louisiana.  While teaching, Stephanie also sponsored a student club that advocated against school bullying.  She has a Master of Arts in Teaching in the Secondary Classroom. 

"Stephanie has demonstrated a strong passion for youth leadership and a belief in the values fostered by an International Baccalaureate education," says Ryan Peplinski, SGS Athletic Director.  "She is excited to have the opportunity to join the Saint George’s community and to help the players get closer to fulfilling their potential in volleyball, in school and in life, and in doing so to help lead the Saint George’s volleyball team to victory!"

Students, parents and staff combined two words to create a new word describing their feelings about life under quarantine.  Then they created a piece of art to illustrate those feelings.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations and see if you share the feelings they've described.


Saint George's regrets to announce that the annual Golf Classic scheduled for June 26th has been cancelled.   The restrictions on off-campus events during Phase II means the school needs to avoid getting out of compliance with state rules.  Everyone who has already paid their entry fee will receive a full refund.  Saint George's intends to restart Golf Classic tradition in 2021 on the Friday before Hoopfest.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Athletic Dierctor Ryan Peplinski.

A team of parents made goody bags and delivered them as a caravan to the 8th graders on Tuesday, June 9th to celebrate the end of the year.  See a Photo Gallery of the happy recipients and a Video made by the delivery team.

Saint George's will be getting printed yearbooks for 2020, but not until later this summer.  We expect they will be distributed when everyone returns to school this fall.  If that plan changes, an email will go out to parents and students.  And in the meantime, anyone who purchased a 2020 yearbook can view it online.  Here are the Instructions.

The spring issue of the Upper School student newsletter The Round Table is available to read on the Parent Portal.  This issue features graduating editor Marshall Roll's thoughts, ideas for quarantine projects, the environmental effects of the pandemic, and much more. 

Dear SGS Community,
I hope your summer is off to a good start and you and your kids are enjoying the break now that summer has officially started.  Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this week.
Just a couple of updates regarding our fall planning.  The SGS Re-opening Task Force and working groups continue to develop plans for the 20-21 school year and we hope to finalize and share them by the end of June.  We are integrating the OSPI, the Department of Health and the Spokane Regional Health District’s guidance and directives as part of the SGS Re-Opening plan.  Based on our enrollment and our facilities, we feel we are able to meet the compliance standards set forth at this time for an in-person start. Since the release of the OSPI Re-opening Guidelines, several points have been clarified. 
1. Bus Transportation – At this time, we understand that busses will operate with a social distancing “concept.”  This means to social distance as much as possible, in addition to all riders wearing masks and the bus windows will be open.
2. Safety - Social distancing in classrooms has been established at six feet in all guidelines.  We are measuring the classrooms, developing entry/exit procedures, traffic patterns, alternative space usage and cleaning protocols that will be used in the fall.   
3. Essential Learning – This area has been assigned to one of the working groups and will help define and establish the essential learning expectations in both in-person and within a Distance Learning model.  Additionally, the OSPI has added requirements for recording attendance and creating a transition plan in the event of a full distance learning model.
4. Sports and Activities – The WIAA released guidance today related to interscholastic athletics and activities for the fall.  SGS Athletic Director Ryan Peplinski will send out an email soon with more details on what to expect when athletics and activities resume at SGS.
Stay tuned for the full Task Force report later this month.  We will also be providing an update on June 30th for Graduation scheduled for July 30th. 
Thank you and enjoy the week!
Jamie Tender
Head of School

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