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Every year, more than 90% of eligible Saint George’s School students return for the following school year.  The Admissions Office tries to make the re-enrollment process as user-friendly as possible, such as the recent addition of an electronic enrollment agreement.  But to make things even easier for SGS families and reward such great school loyalty, Saint George's is about to launch "Continuous Enrollment".  

View a Short Video describing what this is and how it will work.  Plus you can see answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the SGS Website under Admissions / Continuous Enrollment.


The first week of the five-week "Power the Dragon" Parent Drive was a success! Here is where each class stands as of Oct. 14:

K: 44%
1: 73%
2: 35%
3: 50%
4: 78%
5: 70%
6: 60%
7: 38%
8: 44%
9: 50%
10: 42%
11: 28%
12: 52%

There is still time to participate. Give Online to help #powerthedragon. The five-week parent drive ends on Nov. 12. Thank you for Powering the Dragon and supporting our teachers and students in their learning!

Krystal Huang's sketches fill the Upper School Art Gallery during October.  Her "Study in Black and White" includes portraits and scenes.  See a Photo Gallery of some of her work, and stop by to view it all.

Travis Cullitan, Director of Technology, is excited to coach the 3rd-5th Maker Club beginning on Monday, Oct. 15, through Dec. 10th.  Art teacher Jennifer Davenport will be his assistant.  Students will learn about projects using code, video and green screening, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, sewing, printmaking, and more.  Students with no programming experience and those who have been in the club before are welcome to join.  A charge of $75 will be assessed to cover the cost of equipment and snacks for each meeting.  Maker Club will run from 3:15-5pm in the Middle School Courtyard area.  To sign up, please email travis.cullitan@sgs.org.  Look for the 3rd-5th Maker Club Flyer for more details.

Lower School grades enjoyed musical games in their Music Classes with Judy Hafso recently.  See photo galleries of the 3rd Grade Musicians and the 4th Grade Musicians learning about music and making some music too.

A recent six-minute video segment on the PBS News Hour does a good job of describing all aspects of the International Baccalaureate program.  See the IB Video on global education, and check with Elizabeth Tender about any questions or ideas about the IB curriculum at SGS.

There's a constant presence of wildlife you can view along the Little Spokane River as it flows past Saint George's School.  Here's a Photo Gallery of animals, birds and fish from just one day in early September.

Why did the turkeys cross the bridge?  Because the street was dug up to replace water lines on campus last week!  See a family of turkeys roaming the Saint George's campus in this wildlife Photo Gallery.

Saint George's School has won the WIAA Scholastic Cup for the top 2B school in the state for academic and athletic performance!  SGS racked up 1,585 points, including earning four state academic titles (choir, debate, boys soccer, and boys tennis) for highest grade point average.  The school also earned points for top athletic teams, including the boys soccer, girls soccer, girls track, and boys basketball teams that all finished 2nd in State.  See the Rankings of 2B Schools and the List of SGS Programs that earned points toward the title.

The WIAA Scholastic Cup recognizes performance in the classroom as well as on the playing surface.  Schools that finish at the top of their respective classifications in state athletic competition receive points, as do schools that finish at the top in team academic performance.  SGS had finished 2nd to Northwest Christian the past two years, finally passing the Crusader's 1,405 points to claim the title this year.  League rivals Colfax (865 points) and Davenport (830 points) finished 3rd and 4th overall, highlighting the athletic and academic strength of Eastern Washington's small schools.  

This marks the second time that Saint George's has won the Scholastic Cup, while finishing 2nd seven times and in the Top 5 statewide 13 times.  One measure of Saint George's academic strength was that SGS was the only school in 2017-18 to win the Scholastic Cup without winning an athletic State Championship.  Go Dragons!

The Spring-Summer edition of the Saint George's Magazine mails out this week, but you can already read the articles and see the photos on the SGS Publications webpage.  Feature articles include:
> 3rd Graders learn about business and giving as "Tiny Titans of Trade"
> 8th Graders become "Storm Gardeners" to make a sustainable landscape
> Senior Hailey Poutiatine writes about her drama experience in "The Olde Bard, Updated"
> There's no arguing about the valuable skills that students learn in Debate class
> Dragon Talks speaker Alan November guides us through Internet search engines

This issue features a Special Section on Graduation, with David Holte's Faculty Address, Ryan Hayes' Student Address, the full Class of 2018, and what their teachers had to say about each of the Senior Awards Winners.  Plus see articles about the school's basketball teams, spring sports, a local alum's new restaurant, and alumni news from across the U.S.A.  And there are special features not found in the print magazine -- a Time Lapse Video of the "storm gardeners" at work, the best online Search Engine Tools, recent Articles on Politics by political scientist Charles Zug '11, and all kinds of photos of Graduation and of recent SGS Classes, Athletic Contests, and Artistic Activities.  

It's all on the SGS Publications page!

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