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Saint George's voice mail system is not working right now; we expect to have it functioning again sometime on Tuesday, June 25.  Until then, please send an email to the person you want to contact.  Check the Staff Directory page for everyone's emails.

May Term closed on June 4th with an hour of performances in Founders Theater by the Dance class, Entrepreneurship class, and several short films by the Film class.  See a Photo Gallery of shots from the performances, as well as videos of the Dance class' performances of a Hip Hop Number, a Banghra-Style Indian Dance, and "Steam Heat" from the Pajama Game.  Plus watch two short films created by the Film class -- the scary Pizza Night and a compilation of Paranoid Newscasts -- that premiered at the end of May Term.

The May Term Latin Class spent one morning creating a 7-layer wedding cake topped with a My Little Pony.  The result was kind of a leaning tower but surprisingly colorful and tasty, as you can see in this Photo Gallery!

The Culture, Crafts and Cuisine May Term class visited local ethnic markets, cooked foods from different countries, created international-style artwork, and wore Celtic-style tatoos.  See a Photo Gallery of many of their discoveries and creations.

The May Term "Science and Art" class found a variety of ways to turn science projects into artworks.  See a photo gallery of Flow Paintings with amazing designs using silicone to keep the paint colors separate.  Plus see a gallery of Shadow Prints of natural or mechanical objects they created using coated paper and fabric that are sensitive to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight. 

The 8th graders finished off their year with a game of Slip n Slide Kickball on Graduation Lawn on Tuesday, June 4.  See a Photo Gallery of the wet and wild fun!

The last morning of Lower School on Wednesday, June 5 featured the traditional Red & White Day games for everyone to enjoy!  See a Photo Gallery of the students competing in races, tug of war, egg tosses, tennis court hockey, and just generally getting wet on a warm day.

The May Term Habitat Class spent several days working around and inside a house under construction in Deer Park in a neighborhood of Habitat homes.  They also spent a day at the local Habitat Store helping to clean up and paint tables (and each other).  See photos of their work at the Habitat House and in the Habitat Store.

To finish their study of rivers, the 6th graders created cardboard boats that they got to race in the Little Spokane River on June 4, 2019.  See photo galleries of Each Team's Boat and of the Cardboard Boat Races, as well as a Video of the Races.  Some lasted multiple races; some didn't last as long as they hoped!

The 6th graders spent Monday, June 3 canoeing down the Little Spokane River with the May Term canoeing class.  They collected junk from the river all the way to the confluence with the Spokane River, as you can see in the Photo Gallery of their canoes at the end of the day.  Look for the photo of the moose that they also found in the river!

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