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Middle School “Math Is Cool” Teams Compete

Saint George’s Middle School students participated in the online version of “Math Is Cool” on Wednesday, February 9th. Competing in Division “E”, the second highest for Eastern Washington schools, the 8th grade team placed 4th, the 6th grade team placed 3rd, and the 7th grade team was 1st! Even including schools in the top division, the SGS 7th graders would still have been 2nd overall.

Congratulations to the following participants, including some who placed as individuals:

6th Grade Team:
Eshan Reddy (6th place overall), Graham Reichel, Devin Hotter-Knight, Donovan Bradford, Keagan Wilson, Graham Koefod, Michael Cruite, Maggie Edmison, Taylor Hestdalen, and Zora Townley

7th Grade Team:
Reagan Heller (11th place overall in Pre-Algebra), Luke Wirthlin, Sam Matousek, Thatcher Canady, Liam Darcy, Berkley Hastdalen, Lindsey Mullins, Vihaan Rajeev, Preston Sevigny (4rd place overall in Algebra 1), Dexter Simmons (5th place overall in Algebra 1), and Adam Ling (3rd place overall in Algebra 1)

8th Grade Team:
Matthew Longstreth (7th place overall in Algebra 1), Per Sande (10th place overall in Algebra 1), Eli Sieber, and Gavin Eliason