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Middle School Celebrates “Pi Day” Challenge

Every year on March 14 (3.14 or Pi Day), the Middle School students see who can recite the most digits of Pi in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese! See a Photo Gallery and Short Video of them showing what they remember and eating as much pie as they want!

Congratulations to five students who memorized over 100 digits of Pi — Mila Bruns Landa (6th grade champ), Vivienne Garcia (7th grade), Drake Hylton (7th grade champ), Donovan Bradford (8th grade), and the winner of the Pi Challenge, 8th grader Eshan Reddy, who recited Pi to the 200th digit!

Kudos as well to Elena Wirthlin, who recited 60 digits of Pi in Spanish, and Luke Rizvi who spoke 80 digits of Pi in Mandarin. How is that for multi-talented Dragons!