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March Madness Bracket: Current Women Artists!

This is the second year Lower School art teacher Jennifer Davenport has created a March Madness bracket in art. This year, in honor of Women’s History Month, she focused on contemporary women artists who are currently working. “I tried to find a wide range of artists from different cultural backgrounds, and they also use a variety of media to create their art,” she says.

The 2nd through 5th graders participated in the voting this year. For the first round, she shared a slideshow with pictures of the artists and their work along with a little background information. The artists were matched up randomly, and students voted for the ones they preferred. “We started with 16 artists, and over the course of four weeks that got narrowed down to a grand champion.” The final match was between Mademoiselle Maurice (a French origami street artist) and Janet Echelman (an artist from Boston who makes large fabric sculptures). The kids were really excited to see who would win.

See a PDF about each of the 16 Women Artists and a Photo Gallery of the March Madness bracket in the Arts Building with the overall winner — Mademoiselle Maurice!