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Little Spokane Property with SGS Ties May Expand Riverside State Park

A historic farm owned by Saint George’s alumni could help salmon return to the Little Spokane River.

Glen Tana Farm, 1,060 acres of fields and forest across the Little Spokane River and just east of the Saint George’s campus, was owned by five Witherspoon siblings, including Grant (SGS Class of 1962), Tannis ’66, and Peter ’70. They, and siblings William and James Witherspoon, sold the farm in August to the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy, which in turn plans to sell the property to Washington State Parks and the Spokane Tribe of Indians.

An extended article in the Nov. 2, 2023 issue of The Inlander expands on the history of the site. “At one point, the property spanned over 2,380 acres. Some parcels were sold and now are home to Saint George’s School and the Spokane Fish Hatchery.”

The Inlander article also identifies the hopes that the State Parks and the Spokane Tribe have for enhancing public recreation, wildlife habitat, and salmon reintroduction along this stretch of the Little Spokane River.

“There’s always been an interest in preserving as much of the river as we can and working with the tribe, so that’s one of the neat things I see happening with the Glen Tana is the partnership with Parks and Spokane Tribe with their fish hatchery,” says Paul Neddo, Riverside State Park ranger. “That would connect directly with and expand the natural area land which still allows recreation, but it also serves as a wildlife corridor right here next to the urban area.”

Read the full Inlander Article and see a Riverside State Park Map showing the location of Glen Tana Farms in relation to SGS.