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In-Person Chess Returns at Dragonslayer Tourney

Saint George’s School hosted the first in-person Spokane youth chess tournament — the Dragonslayer — in more than two years on Saturday, March 26. The 26 participants included 14 Saint George’s students, four of whom won trophies (Eshan Reddy, Donovan Bradford, Kristopher McKethen, and Siena Bayer). Of the 26 competitors, 24 won at least one game and only one finished the day without at least one loss.

Trophy winners included Eshan Reddy (4.0, 3rd overall), Donovan Bradford (4.0 5th overall and 1st under 800 rating), and Kristopher McKethen (3.0, 2nd under 800 rating). The trophy for top unrated player went to Siena Bayer (2.0). Thanks to several SGS parents who helped with set-up, check-in, and running the scoring table, as well as to SGS Chess coach James Stripes for this news and a Photo Gallery of the event.