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IB Highlights: Theory of Knowledge Questions

CORE Highlight:
For Theory of Knowledge (TOK), readers might be interested in seeing a selection of some of the Knowledge Questions students explored in their exhibitions. They explored questions like the ones below in terms of themes, such as knowledge and language, technology, politics, religion, or indigenous societies:

To what extent does having a sense of purpose affect how we view the world?
What effect does history have on our views of privilege and power?
How does our outer appearance interact with our inner life to make us who we are?
What is the role of sound in society?
How does our culture affect our emotions?
To what extent does religious belief help or hinder us?
What does the quote “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” really mean?
What role does aggression play in society?
What role does seeking pleasure have in a teenager’s life?
To what extent does our social class define how we are viewed and treated in society?
To what extent does racism affect religion?

To what extent does culture affect our perception of right and wrong?
What role does “agency” have in people’s lives?
To what extent are all languages connected and how does that affect our overall knowledge?
To what extent does humor reflect our ethics and morals?
Does the pursuit of money help or hinder us in our efforts to become the best people we can be?
What drives people to be cruel?
To what extent is someone’s poverty their own fault?
Under what circumstance are people willing to be consistent or non-consistent with their sense of morality?
What is the price of happiness?
To what extent do we let our emotions dictate our actions?

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