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IB Highlights: Research at Whitworth

On Oct. 25th, the junior class took a trip downtown to the Convention Center to speak with college and university representatives from across the U.S. at the National College Fair. Afterwards, college counselor Happy Avery and International Baccalaureate coordinator Elizabeth Tender accompanied the class to Whitworth University to spend time in their library. Whether students in the IB program are full diploma candidates or course-only candidates, they will need access to resources from outside libraries as well as the SGS library to do the research required for Extended Essays and Internal Assessments within their IB courses.

Whitworth generously agreed to allow our students the use of their library resources. The team of librarians at Whitworth showed our 11th graders how to search their catalogs and find books that might help them. The students spent about 2.5 hours in the university’s library furthering their research on topics that might interest them for their Extended Essay.