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IB Highlights: IB Humor

Here are some examples of IB jokes and humor. With IB exams starting shortly, the juniors and seniors can relate!

After IB Physics, I will throw a textbook off a cliff… and calculate the momentum when it hits the ground.

TOK: Dogs like peanut butter. I like peanut butter. Therefore, I am a dog… do dogs even know they like peanut butter? Do I know that they know? What do I even know…?

Chemistry pick up line: I got my ion you <33

IB problems are real. The only long term relationship you have is with your Extended Essay.

Now I understand why 42 is the answer to life!! (42 is the max points you can receive for each of the 6 courses)

Students have almost finished the IB program, but still use Google to spell “baccalaureate” correctly. 🙂